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The basics of survival in Russia

How should a foreigner dress in winter in Moscow in order to survive?


It’s no secret that in winter in Russia is cold and icy, therefore it’s vitally important to dress carefully in warm clothes and shoes.


1. Outer clothes


- for women: fur coat, sheepskin, down coat

- for men: sheepskin, down coat


Russians prefer to have 2 choices of clothes, dependant on the weather - a fur coat / sheepskin and down coat. A down coat may be worn in a light frost or a thaw, at temperatures from 0 to -10. When it is very cold, from -10 to -15 degrees, they wear a fur coat or sheepskin.


There are down jackets and coats of varying quality. They are will suited to city life, when you are simply running to work or to the shops. It is better to choose a down jacket or coat with a hood to protect yourself from the wind and snow.



(discount store: metro Prospect Mira, Olimpiyskiy prospect 16, building 1, ninth entrance, sports complex “Olimpiyskiy”),,,,,


Russians prefer to buy fur and sheepskin coats in the summer, following the saying: "Prepare the sleigh in summer and the (hay)cart in winter". It’s a lot cheaper! In Russia it is recommended to buy such coats in specialist shops.

Good sheepskin coats are also available in Bulgaria and Turkey. Better to buy a fur coat in a country where they are used to snow.,


2. Hats (headgear)


It is extremely dangerous for your health to be on the street in winter without a hat. This particularly affects people who are used to warmer climates. As a result of your head getting too cold it is easy to catch a cold, or the flu or even pneumonia.


Hats can be made of wool or fur. A wool hat, suited to your taste, can easily be bought in any shopping or sports shop. There, you can also buy a scarf and gloves or mittens.

Fur hats are available from Izmailovo market (metro Partizanskaya), in the Moscow Fashion House of hats and headgear, or in specialist fur shops.,,


3. Fur footwear


- for women: knee-high boots

- for men: boots


Turn your attention to Finnish, Austrian, German and Scandinavian brands, such as Janita, Hogel, Gabor, Salamander, TopMan, Panama Jack, Birgerschuhe, Ecco. It is absolutely essential to have grooved soles, from material specially designed to protect you from slipping on the black ice. Inside, footwear needs to be lined with fur or wool. Such footwear is recommended for below zero temperatures (for freezing).


In rainy, cold weather (early spring and late autumn) it is better to wear waterproof shoes such as Gore-Tex, AquaStop.


If you have footwear which is slippery, go to a shoe repair shop and change to anti-slip soles and heels. Falling can be dangerous!


In the city during the winter, your shoes will be damaged by chemicals and salt, used to spray the streets. In order to extend the life of your shoes you must protect them. Coming in from outside, don’t forget to clean your boots, or else they will only last for one season. It is most important to treat new shoes to at least 3 coats of special protection such as Salamander Universal SMS against moisture and dirt. Then repeat this treatment periodically, for example, once a week.,,, (we recommend Gore-Tex, but their winter shoes are slippery)


If you catch a cold and are ill, it is better to stay home and get well. It is not worth risking your health or infecting those around you and your colleagues.


We hope that our advice will help you to dress appropriately, in order not to freeze in the winter.