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Publications (textbooks)

author: Kuzmina Natalia

title: "Russian Grammar in Tables"

Moscow, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018; www


The textbook is constructed as a reference book focusing on the difficult items of Russian grammar in an easy and understandable form. The tables of the book include the meaning, formation and changing of different parts of speech.

This textbook is designed for foreign students learning Russian language from any level. It can be used both by students and teachers for explaining, learning and revision of grammar material, for systematization of knowledges, and for preparing for exams as well.


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author: Kuzmina Natalia

title: "28 Russian Verbs"

Moscow, 2018; www


The present workbook is intended for studying of aspectual - temporal system of the Russian verb. Selecting of perfective and imperfective verb aspect is one of the most difficult tasks of studying Russian for foreigners.

The workbook covers 28 most common verbs used for translation from English into Russian. Some of these verbs are irregular, making their learning more complicated.

The workbook has two parts. The 1st part of the book is recommended for use at the initial stage of learning, for the very introduction to the verb aspects. It has examples of eight verbs, used as the basis of training for the main meanings of the perfective and imperfective aspects. The 2nd part provides the meanings of each of the 25 verbs, selected for enhanced study. Five verbs are presented in both parts of the workbook.


author: Tatiana Yuzvik

title: “Everyday conversations”

Moscow, 1999, 2000, 2007


75 everyday conversations in modern Russian plus more than 150 grammar exercises for beginners.

This book has been specifically designed for expatriates living and working in Russia, i.e. those who arrive in Russia with no knowledge of the Russian language.

The dialogues provide samples of conversational modern language used in everyday situations.

In this book:

  • basic grammar constructions
  • the most useful phrases
  • over 600 words
  • everyday dialogues - eating out, at the shops, on the phone …

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author: Tatiana Yuzvik

title: “100 exercises in Russian”

Moscow, 2004

Collection of grammar exercises for beginners.


author: Tatiana Yuzvik

title: “In which case?..”

Moscow, 2008, 2010

175 exercises in cases for learners of Russian for beginners and intermediate students.


author: Tatiana Yuzvik

title: “The new exercise book”

Moscow, 2011

250 grammar exercises for elementary students of Russian.