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What is the reason for foreigners to learn Russian?

Motivation to study Russian as a foreign language


Why is there such a usual situation, when foreigners, having lived in Russia for several years, don't speak Russian? Some of them explain that they are too busy; others say that the Russian language is too difficult to study.


As the result there is superficial view of the country and people living in. But the culture and mentality are learned via learning the Russian language.


Without language skills it is found difficult to communicate with the Russian, even if they speak English. A foreigner who does not speak Russian may be an alien for them forever. A foreigner will never be told the things which can only be told in the mother tongue, that is in Russian.


Besides, there is a trend at foreign companies to employ Russian-speaking expatriates considering them to be more efficient specialists. It happens to be one of the conditions to extend the contract for work in Russia.


The Russian language was a language of international communication for people from 15 republics in the USSR. Nowadays it is still a means of international communicating in the RF regions and in the countries of the Union of Independent States. Being on business trips you'll be able to use your knowledge of Russian.


Learn the Russian Language, be fond of one and it will help you to score a success in your work and living in Russia!


There is a special term in methods of teaching Russian - "the Russian Language as a foreign one" (or "Russian for foreigners") - unlike teaching Russian as a native language at schools and Universities.


Our teachers of Russian as a foreign language having special knowledge and experience will help you to achieve considerable results in learning Russian.