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Trust your learning to the professionals!

Don’t believe those who promise to teach you the language without grammar.

It is a marketing trick!


We teach grammar, but from the point of view of a foreigner. It is the functional grammar.


And communicative method is that the tutor acts with a student a situation where a certain grammar construction is used.


Our aim is to teach a foreigner the essential level of Russian, the Russian language for everyday communication.


With a fair amount of spoken Russian our students have no problems with living and working in our country and some of them after finishing working for their companies were able to find jobs on their own, continue their business and make new friends.


Our teachers have got professional degrees in “Russian as a foreign language” confirmed by diplomas, certifications and by a number of educational supplies they have designed.


The considerable teaching experience (over 15 years), high professionalism, good will and patience help our tutors to teach Russian to foreign businessmen who have little time for learning the language but a strong wish to feel at home in Russia.


For 15 years of teaching among our students have been representatives of many international companies: Procter&Gamble, Gillette, Philips, Merloni, Danone, Bolshevik, TNK-BP, Johnson&Johnson, KPMG, Daewoo, Samsung, Alliance Francaise, BIS, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Credit Swiss First Boston.


Our students have successfully passed tests at “The Testing Centre for Foreigners” at Moscow State University and got State Certifications of three levels: Elementary, Basic and First Certification of Russian.